Whether your claim is a limited task or that of a complete adjustment and investigation our company remains steadfast in providing a Stellar result. We offer a wide variety of claims services to insurance carriers, public entities and defense counsel from claims inception to the verdict at trial. Stellar Investigations remains knowledgeable in all aspects of insurance laws in the northeast region as well as to the most recent decisions in supreme and civil court cases, that shape the insurance claims industry. We are affiliated with various special investigative units and insurance organizations in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania and we attend meetings discussing the latest trends that effect the daily handling of claims. Offering a tremendous depth of services to the insurance industry, defense counsel and the self-insured, from claims investigation to litigation support. As members of various insurance associations and investigative groups throughout the Northeast region, Stellar investigations remains apprised of the most recent changes to insurance law, latest trends and developments in the insurance industry. We provide a host of services and programs designed to meet the demands of clients who require knowledgeable and professional investigation.



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